Monday, November 30, 2009

A sign of hope?

It's the follow up blog after my admittance-to-failure blog!

So it's the final week of school and I'm ready to go home. Again. I went home for Thanksgiving and spend some time with my mom, dad, and friends. It's always nice going home during the holidays when all (or just a large amount) my friends are back home too. I don't really have a large circle of friends in Austin, so going back home is always nice because I have a group of friends ready to receive me.

I usually say I don't have the time or interest for new friends. Well, that's actually very true. But more than that I think it's cause I'm uncomfortable around people because I don't feel like I'm on the same page with the majority of the people that I meet. In these situations, I usually feel like one person is going to end up offending the other. So there's no reason to invest myself. Every now and then though I'll meet someone who I don't mind telling them everything about myself and those are the friends who are beyond the superficial surface of friends.

Anyway, the reason I brought that up is cause I've been feeling pretty lonely the past few months. For several reasons, but mostly because of the lack of girl friends in my life. Most of my friends are guys and although it isn't a bad thing I would love to have a few female comrades here in Austin. I made a small effort this semester to make that possible, but I think it's safe to call this semester an absolute failure.

So next semester I will have at least one more girl friend! Call it my New Year's Resolution. Along with the traditional I'm-gonna-quit-biting-my-nails resolution -I have terribly low expectations for the latter. Hopefully my girl friend goal won't have a follow up admittance-to-failure blog.


So December 5th, Home Slice is having a pizza eating competition. The winner gets free pizza for a year. I would immediately jump into it if it weren't for the fact that I'm going to the beach in a few weeks. Hmmm. Time to think.


MJ said...

I'd be your girlfriend if I were in ATX. I do know a handful of VERY cool gallies (your age, I THINK) at UT, I could set you up on a girlfriend blind date! Haha, but for serious, they are really nice people. Unfortunately, one of my favorite people the world over has already gradumacated from UT, but Austin's still full of fun people! I love you!

Washed Up said...

I would absolutely accept a blinddate. Have you ever seen "I Love You Man"? I feel like I'm spiraling in that direction. lol.

MJ said...

You know, I didn't see that movie, but I heard good things! Perhaps we can redbox it when I get back, I think I have a free code somewhere...

Russell said...

Massiel, I would hang out with you if I were in Austin. ...I know that doesn't solve your problem, but you know, just throwing it out there! We could play Beatles songs on guitar/mandolin on street corners and see how much money we make! I've heard it's pretty easy to make at least minimum wage doing that.

Washed Up said...

Malsita, we will watch it! I really love the redbox. LOVE it. And then you can see what my social life is heading towards.

And Russell, you underestimate the power of the MUSICAL panhandler. Check this out.

(I would have said troubadour, but it wouldn't have been as smooth as an introduction to the article)

Rach said...

I know exactly what you are talking about here Massiel! Having once been on a girlfriend search myself. But now I've just kind of accepted the fact that I just get along better with guys. Even in C-stat I have more guy friends here. But hey I think all a girl really needs is one really close female friend.

I'm sure you'll find a female friend though, that or you can make Victor wear a wig.

And this is going to be really strange, but I think I saw your sister's boyfriend in the Langford building?

Washed Up said...

LOL. Good idea.

and yeah I've accepted the fact that I just get along with guys better, but... well have you seen "I Love You, Man"? lol. It's gonna be me.

And Russell is pretty distinguishable with his tallness and nordic hair, so it was probably him lol. That's cool. If you're ever in close proximity to him tell him "The Zambranos are watching" and casually walk away.