Thursday, February 4, 2010

Artist Fail

My dad told my over winter break that he always thought of me as an artist. I never considered that ever being a word that would ever be said regarding me. Unless it was a joke, of course. Anyway, that it got me thinking a little bit about artists. Which got me thinking about people.

It's interesting how people decide to live and interpret their lives in their own ways. Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's infuriating, most times it's confusion. But it's never wrong, yet I'll still argue that it is. I have my morals, they're no one else's but my own.

As far as everyone else goes, it doesn't really matter cause everyone else is going to anchor themselves to whatever they want, unless they have swayed from one set morality or another. Dumb people. But don't make fun of that person cause that person was me.

It's hard trying to figure out who to handle everyone being "right", including yourself. It's a mindblowing paradox to emotionally handle. I usually ended up swinging to self-righteousness, I know that, but I don't know a single person who hasn't done it either. People are very forgetful.

People make conscious decisions every day to be the way they want to be at that moment, people disagree with people because of individualism and that's okay. My mind has liberty and freedom. But I also read the news and know what's going on every day in this world filled with war, genocide, oppression and other traumas of humanity. And every day I feel oppressed by my own granted freedom to live the way I want at my own risk, as well as the risks of others. I've to split in two to console myself with the decisions I make every moment. That's what everyone does, but we all have our different values we anchor to.

People, or life just happens and is continually morphing along some sort of linear worm into every moment that will ever be ahead of us. We only know life in exact moments and that's all we'll ever know. There's nowhere to anchor.

It's nice to know that there's nothing you could know. What are people then? Don't ask me, ask an artist.