Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Introduction to Myself and My Past Sandwiches

Starting up this blog gives me a rush of nostalgia as I go back in my head to the memories of my first pseudo blog.


It's embarrassing knowing that the opinions of my early high school, which were usually given in the form of a terrible "Bob Loblawology Survey" (No, it's not my name, but I figure we'll keep the suspense going for as long as possible), are forever frozen in internet time. I know that this blog will have the same effects on me 5 years from now that my xanga has on me now, so with that being said please forgive me for all I have done, will do, and am doing.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to start a Sandwich Log that would include both the sandwiches that I make and any sandwiches I have while I'm out that catch my eye. It hasn't been very consistent as far as updating goes, but food is one of the few loves of my life and sandwiches are the lust in that love. Not everyone appreciates a good sandwich. Why? There is no reason. Sandwiches are like the contortionist.


Whatever you can possibly think of to do with a sandwich... it's completely and absolutely possible and encouraged. I haven't yet even seen the boundaries for sandwiches, but through experimentation I'm willing to figure out the boundaries of the awesome and the awful.

My first sandwich was inspired by a typical dish in the state of Jalisco, Mexico that I had on a trip to Guadalajara this past November. The traditional dish is called Torta Ahogada, which means "drowned sandwich", and is a sandwich filled with chopped, fried pork and then submerged in a vat of spicy salsa and eaten with your hands. Absurdly messy. Absurdly delicious.

I decided to create my own variation of this sandwich. I called it Torta Ahogada en Mole. OR THE Sandwich Log.

I used sourdough for the bread and then stuffed this monster of a sandwich with refried beans, mole shredded chicken, sour cream, Monterrey Jack cheese, and avocado. Then I "drowned" it in mole sauce which is a Mexican sauce made from chili peppers, spices, and chocolate. It was messy, delicious, and altogether absurd. WOULD MAKE AGAIN.

The next sandwich I made was a result of me screwing around, as any sandwich connoisseur should do, and deciding to stuff an omelet inside of a calzone. The result? A breakfast calzone.

This one was made of homemade pizza dough, an omelet (eggs, red pepper, mushrooms, onions, and spinach), tomato sauce, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, and spicy pepperoni. I was pushing some boundaries so I was skeptical... but it was good, my friends. It was good.

I don't have any intention of making this blog strictly for sandwiches so if you're not into my Sandwich Log there'll be other pictures of food. And if you're not into other pictures of food then I'll be talking about mildly entertaining things that happen to me or whatever. If you're not into what I have to say then I'm sure we can work something out sexually.

Alright. I hope to get more readers and to get more interesting, in whichever order, as this blog continues. Good luck to the both of us.